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Log Jam

This proposal for a pavilion/memorial is conceived as a dialogue between the individual and the whole. Drawing upon the concept of strength in numbers, an area is loosely defined through the repetition of a series of reclaimed wood posts set at a constant distance from one another. As each post gradually tilts inward towards the area’s center, they touch at top, and as they do so, begin to support one another to form a stable whole. Here, what would typically remain an unstable form on its own (the wood post, on end), gains stability and context when working together.

The pavilion’s footprint, and thus form, is an asymmetrical, curved shape, that when viewed from different sides and angles rarely looks the same way twice. It has no start or end; it’s a continuum that is anything but static. One enters the pavilion at center, where the wood logs part to allow for entry and exit. The interior of the pavilion allows for contemplation, pointing towards the sky as a woodland chapel might. It is also host to a dynamic play of shadow and light, which changes the experience of the pavilion from visit to visit.