Pop-Up Farm

Part of New York Sun Works' larger "Greenhouse Project," the Pop-Up Farm supports Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation's initiative to create a more sustainable way of life for the communities of Cypress Hills and East New York. An area that struggles with low-income, high unemployment, and health problems like obesity and diabetes, this section of Brooklyn is considered to be a "food desert" because of a lack of access to fresh, healthy foods.

The Pop-Up Farm is proposed for a City-owned lot in East New York slated for housing development, but currently lying vacant due to the low unit yield on developing small sites, and the high costs of brownfield clean-up. A modular structure that can be assembled and dissembled quickly, the greenhouse will provide an extended growing season for fresh, hydroponically-grown local produce. A prototype is currently planned for a site on Pitkin Avenue, while a larger network of greenhouses may someday utilize more of the 596 acres of vacant land in Brooklyn and beyond.

In addition to providing healthy food for local communities, the Pop-Up Farm will offer nearby schools access to hands-on curricula connecting science, nutrition, and climate change, and provide on-site job training in urban agriculture and greenhouse construction.


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